another bus stop

i told you 
 i am participating in apple's os x beta program
 its messing with my photos
 i won't go into
 the hows 
 the whys
 frankly it makes me crazy

 the alternative is quitting the program
 i looked into it
 its far more involved
 than merely saying
 i am quitting
 so i am sticking with it
 when the bugs are gone
 i will not be so annoyed

 i was looking
 for something to write about 
when i remembered this photo 

i took
it weeks ago 
maybe months ago

 i think
 it was one of the mornings
 i bus across to the eastside
for a massage

 in any case 
it was sitting on my desk top 
 to be


  1. Ha Curious George. He's been around a while, hasn't he? That reminds me, I must call my daughter Kerstin and ask her how the girls liked the vintage Curious George records I found for them to play on their vintage children's record player. Love that she's raising them with old school toys. (mind you, both Binky and Bunny figured out the iPad before they were two)

  2. Curious George looks like he's on a banana overdose.


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