zeke and shadow

walking up from the subway on friday afternoon
 i couldn't help but notice
 these two gorgeous pups

 i stopped
 i asked the young man holding them
 if i could take a photo 

he said

 i crouched down 
you know
 as soon
 as you crouch
 in front of a dog 
 nose in your face

 we got them to sit 
 no sooner did i get them in frame 
 zeke decided
sniff me

 it was useless to try
 tho i did
 to get another shot or two
 they just were more interested in me 
than in being photographed for my blog


  1. They are beauties. I know exactly what you mean about how difficult it is to get them to stay put. Every now and then, Benny rests ins a beautiful patch of sunlight and no matter how sneaky I am about going for my camera, by the time it's in my hands, he's right behind me, hoping that we're going for a walk. Nothing left in the patch of sunlight but his drool.

  2. Pretty boys. Look at those foxy eyes of that little husky. I just love the malamutes, huskies and wolf type breeds. Having had Chinook and Hunter I think I'm spoiled for life for any other breed of dog. My whole heart goes out to the Shadow types immediately.

  3. The husky has such a pretty face, pert ears and a LOT of fur!

  4. They really are gorgeous dogs, especially the Husky.
    Amazing colors/markings. xo.


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