weekend recappage

well lets see 
i left early on friday
 not as early as i would have liked
 had to wait on my computer upgrade 
ended up
 not getting the new computer 
 something too complicated
 something too boring

i left early
 dropped dry cleaning off 
went to the eyeman got new glasses
 had my hair done 

saturday was valentine's day
 i dont know about you and your special someone 
toonman is my valentine every day 
he is truly the best part of me 
you are my everything my honey

 okay mushy stuff over

 friends were in town
 from the icebox that is boston
 a burb of boston thats just as icy snowy

 we went to brunch
 he's a blogger who goes by suldog
 he and HIS WIFE come to town in february 
when her brother goes out of town 
they camp out in his place in brooklyn 
 they trek into manhattan
spend a few hours with us

 i told him
 he gives me 
one more reason to look forward to february

 our friend andrew joined us
 we went to hi life a comfortable neighborhood eatery
 suldog treated us all to a yummy brunch

 back to our place 
for some conversation
 the three cats gave HIS WIFE respiratory issues 

a brutally cold day in nyc
i bundled up
got my weekly mani/pedi
did my weekly zabars shop
spent the rest of the day indoors

 (today as you read this)
 is a holiday
my office is closed 
presidents day
i am
going to brunch with my friend blondie

i hope you are having a nice long weekend 
did you do anything special for/with your valentine?


  1. Stay warm!! It's like -26F windchill here. Seriously cold. On Saturday, we got caught in a really bad and lengthy squall coming home from a Valentine's Day adventure and late lunch/early dinner; not fun. But I did get that one barn photo before it started snowing.

  2. Looks like a fun time to me. Suldog is quite the writer. I bet he is a card IRL. Today is a work day at the office but we had ice and then snow so I am waiting for everybody else to play bumper cars before I head in.

  3. AW, that's what robbie and I say to each other too because V Day is a bit hit and miss for us being together. But everyday is V day for us. OK, it's warm and spring here on the West Coast and so I'll stop bemoaning the rain! At least it's not freezing. Stay warm. :D

  4. It's a provincial holiday here, Family Day. Which is odd, since a lot of federal civil servants have to work.

    This weekend, with the windchill, my city was the coldest capital on the planet.

  5. We had a magnificent time visiting y'all.

    (Oh! You might not know what that means. We say it in Boston all the time. It means "you".)

    Thanks for the great hospitality, the wonderful laughs, the t-shirt, the friendly cats, the catnip... We'll be back.

  6. Sounds like a busy, cold and fun time for everyone. YAY!

  7. I love reading about these visits. You're a lucky group to get to see each other like that.

  8. What a fun weekend.
    You and Toonman are the absolute cutest Valentine!1 xo.


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