wednesday with words

a wintery sky
 that's the belleclaire 
there with the fancy facade
 its a hotel 
it used to be an apartment building

 that steam
 from a building behind the water tower building 
they're all on broadway at 76-77 streets

i uploaded a lot of photos
 facebook and twitter
 the newly opened cafeteria 
the food is great
 the place is really beautiful 
its on the 36th floor 
taking up the whole floor
there are lots of gorgeous views 

the best part
after 4 months of brown bagging 
i no longer
 have to think ahead 
 breakfast and lunch
 i now have
 another option
 another source
bringing home something
my dinner
yeah me!


  1. Hotels going condo, condos going condo-tel, public buildings becoming chi chi hotels for the elite. A new place to eat with good views is a gift indeed!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Congratulations on the cafeteria! I've always hated trying to figure out what to pack for lunch!

  3. There is so much more more light and sunshine in the winter there than there is coming back to visit next month after a 15 year insanely excited!!

  4. Ah, the new cafeteria sounds great. so nice to have to think about what food to buy/prepare...
    and Happy Birthday, I should have remembered!
    love the cake, sounds delicious, and something like what my daughter makes, she is the cook in the family, not me!

  5. So jealous of your blue sky! The hasn't been a blue sky here for years, (marginal bit of exaggeration there). Yesterday aft I was at yoga and facing the window and suddenly a little weak beam of sunlight lit up the tree in the courtyard and I got ridiculously excited...although all I could see were clouds...and now, back to the rain. But I should shut up because I just booked us for a week in Mexico mid March...oh yes I did!

  6. Yay! It gets old trying to figure out what to eat. Glad you have a new option!

  7. I've been seeing the pics of your cafeteria. It is amazing. One of my customers is Devon who moved into their new billion dollar building a couple years ago. They have an amazing cafeteria also. Our cafeteria is in the basment. I work all day in a beige box and a basement to eat in is too depressing.


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