so this weekend

my birthday was saturday
 i spent the morning pampering myself 
massage facial hair blow out 
literally do nothing

 we ordered in dinner from island burgers and shakes
 i love
 the churasco
(chicken sandwiches)
 the fries are amazing
 also some grilled asparagus
toonman had a burger 

he also baked me a cake
 you know
 i think you know
 we bake cakes from mixes on our birthdays 
i mean
 on his i bake him a cake
 on mine he bakes me a cake
 and by usually 
i mean
 for the past 37 or so years
 its been chocolate with chocolate icing

 earlier in the week
 toonman asked me
 what kind of cake i might like
 i was surprised
 he's never asked before
 i said
 i would think about it 

on my way home wednesday
 i think it was wednesday
 i stopped at fairway
 thinking they'd have
 more varied
 selection of cake mixes
 westside market


i spotted a carrot cake mix
 i looked to see what the icing selection offered
cream cheese icing 

of course
 i bought them

 even tho the icing was very soft loose
 toonman managed to get the cake iced nicely
so it wasn't a cake you'd post a photo of on pinterest 
 it was yummy
 lets face it
 cakes should be tasty 
 photo op worthy

i think 
someone else
 on the block

on sunday
 my sister and i 
 to have lunch with our friend judy 
we went to a place called southwestny
its on the corner of albany and south end avenue in battery park city 
the food was good
the company was even better

three amigas