these aren't the best photos
 they are 
the only ones i could find
 our wonderful vet's dog

 the inspiration for the toby project
neuters and spays dogs and cats for free

 no pun intended
 its the pet project
 our fabulous vet
dr andy kaplan

toby died at the end of december 

i learned of it earlier this week

 he was a great dog 
he will be much missed 


  1. I am very sorry for your vet's loss...he looked like a real nice dog.

  2. Oh, so sorry. He looks like a true sweetie.

  3. Oh, so sorry. I wish dogs had a longer life span. I once considered getting a Burmese mountain dog, but found out that their average span is only six years!!! Actually, my malamutes only lived for 10 and 11 years. I guess that, happily, Toby must have had the best and healthiest possible life with his vet owner. He was such a beautiful dog.

  4. What a beautiful dog. I'll bet he had a wonderful life with so many animals around.
    Growing up, we had a rescue dog named Toby. :-)

  5. It's always heartbreaking to lose one's companion.

  6. Oh, sad. He looks quite the dignified old gent, and sweet.


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