stepping up

life here at the edelsteins
 has been expensive
 since the first of the year

 our miele vacuum died
 may it rest in peace

 my parents got it for us
 we know
 its more than 15 years old
 we think
 it was a gift
we moved
 one bedroom apartment 
we currently live in 

neither of us
 can remember 
how long
 we've been living 


 i opted for another miele
 toonman said
 he hoped
 this one
as long as 
dead one

 me too

 we also bought a new airport extreme

 whats that
 some of you are wondering

 its the apple modem
a home wifi network

 the one we had
several  years old
 runs slower 
puts out less of a signal

 for a while now
 even after time-warner cleaned the 'packs' out of our modem
 the signal 
has been iffy

 added a wireless printer to the mix 

 i want faster

 i am going to install it tonight
 i even read the instructions 
 hair pulling
 should be at a minimum


 i got the 'new' iphone 6

 i am writing this before getting it activated
 lets hope
 goes smoothly
 i don't lose anything

 crossing fingers

stepping up out of the past