some of this, some of that

another weekend
 flown by

 i was pretty active
 who is a sloth
 when it comes to cold winter days

 i got to leave the office early-ish on friday
the office did not leave me
 emails abound
 there's a big meeting on monday
 you know the expression
 crap flows downhill

 last week 
i got
 do this
 do that 

 in turn
similar emails 
 our hong kong office

 everything is in place 
of course
 the weather
so there is always the chance 
no one will show 

thats ok with me

 friday night
 i was so tired
 i went to sleep at pretty much my normal bedtime
 i slept til after 9AM

got my act together
 had my hair appointment
did some erranding
 a trip down to battery park city 
to a friend's new pet supply/grooming store 

my darling friend 
gave me directions
 i sort of followed

 rector street
 has lousy signage
 i got lost 

trust me 
wandering around
 with one glove off
 so phone usage is possible
 is extremely unpleasant 
 polar vortex

it was boody cold out

 i am so thankful
 my new uber warm canada goose
 its big hood

when i got home 
toonman and i settled in for a movie
 we watched
a movie 
wasn't keen on

 its almost 3 hours
 he whined

 i said
 look its 4 something
 we need to feed the animals at 5 something 
 we can take a break
 it will only be 2 something hours 

 he grudgingly agreed

 it was superb 
we both loved it
what a great film
 the acting is perfection
 that it was shot over a 12 year period
 flowed seamlessly
 is a credit
the writer/director and the editor 

highly recommend 
 if you havent seen it 

 of course
 all football all day 

 for me
 a trip to verizon
 to inquire about switching providers

i did

 they will give me
for the same monthly fee 

i was going to do this last year 
but was too lazy 

now hoping they dont disappoint more than at&t

 i got home
 was going to sit down write a post 
i remembered 
i hadn't gotten anything to take for lunch 
so back out i went

the company cafeteria is due to open in about 2 weeks 
its fend for yourself 

i have been schlepping 

when i am done writing 
we can watch another movie 
i would like to see 

we'll see

i took that photo
(i think the lens must be dirty)
rector street
 my gps
 must have been confused 
 it said
 i was in brooklyn!


  1. It's so crazy cold, but I forced myself to take a walk yesterday. Not too many photos, because -- well, it's really cold out there. I'll add the movies to our list.

  2. I've been wanting to see that movie (Boyhood). It's crazy cold here too and we're on a 2-hour delay because of freezing rain. Hoping that we end up having the whole day off . . .

    Is your sidebar shaking when you look at it? It is as I type this. I had to move my followers button all the way to the bottom of the page to make it stop. Now nothing shakes.

  3. OMG 3 hours for the boyhood movie and then R and I looked up the interstellar one...two hours and forty nine minutes! Yikes! Not sure I can sit still that long.

    Can't believe the cats let you sleep in. It was 5:30 for me this morning. Darn cats. R's going on about a cat flap again. Bet that doesn't change anything except let the raccoons in. :(

  4. Your GPS is definitely confused. And I've had occasions in the last couple of weeks where I've just foregone taking a shot because it's too cold to take a glove off for the shot.

  5. You need those gloves with the special fingertips that allow you to use your phone without removing them.

  6. I really love this photograph, Daryl.
    I think you will be happy with Verizon.
    I switched to them from AT&T a couple of years ago, and have never been unhappy with them. xo.

  7. What a great view in that shot.

    I definitely want to see Boyhood.

  8. "Interstellar" isn't worth it...long and boring although the beginning is compelling. It devolves into a typical Hollywood movie with a predictable ending.

    "Boyhood" sounds compelling. Imagine participating in a twelve year long film. Ethan Hawke seems to be the main man when it comes to films spanning decades.


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