nothing much

we were supposed
switch doctors 

i made an appointment a month ago

last night 
we went to our appointments
 she's leaving the practice in 3 weeks
so we cancelled
 walked home
 had dinner
 watched some excellent television

 suddenly it was 9 o'clock
 i am yawning
 i am realizing
 i didnt do a blog post

 what the @#!*

 the photo library i go 

i took this the other morning

 i kinda like it 


  1. "Early Morning - places to be!"

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. I like it too. It gives a sense of that city you call home.

  3. Nice pic, I'm glad you fulfilled your journalisic duty.

  4. Love the pic. Oh, C went to a Taylor Swift concert with one of Jonathan's ex girlfriends a few years ago, (before the ex was an ex), and she loved it to pieces. At one point Taylor came round the audience, took C's hand, looked C in the eyes and mouthed "thank you" to her. I don't think C came off of cloud nine for days. :D


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