makes me laugh

if you follow me on instagram
 you know
 i do a daily feature
using the instaweather app

 the app has stock photos
 to use
 if you choose 

 i dont
 i look
 a photo
 every morning

 it might be a reflection
the weather
 that catches my eye 

on my way to polished
 for my weekly beautification
 i was looking for something
 that would work
 the weird weather 
we're having

 how so 
you wonder

 snow yesterday afternoon
 heavy rain last night
 temps in the mid 40s
 when i went out sunday around 10ish

 in the end
this a photo 
the people crossing sign
 at the intersection
west end and 79th

 i love people crossing signs
 they make me laugh

 if you are a driver in nyc 
you know
 there's gonna be people crossing
 not just with the light
 not just at the intersection

 i find it equally funny 
those signs
 every intersection

 now of course
 i might
 have to go google
why some and not others 

any quesses?