its a new year

i can't believe
 i didnt write
 post yesterday
 for today
 new year's day

 slacking off already
 only one blog to maintain
no post

 last year
 sunny bright and cold
 i did some errands 
braved fairway
 got provisions
the long weekend ahead 

 a caramel brûlée latte at starbucks 
no whipped creme 
please thank you

 i know
 going for a 400 calorie drink
 skipping the whipped creme
what a wus

 at least
 i didnt get it 
soy or skim 

i know
 whats up
 people who order 
high calorie coffee drinks
healthy stuff 
soy or skim

 when i dont trust spell check
 i c/p the word into google
 who is nice enough to ask
 dont you mean
i did
 one 'a' but two 'i's' 

 isn't it nice to see
 staying up late 
over eating for over a week
 drinking some not very good champagne
thought to thought

a lot of football 
a lot of football

 i mostly played
 repetitive games 
where i tried to out think silly little colored blobs

 i am a candy crush freak
 is not easy but its true 

being stuck on level 109 
being clever enough
 make sure
 i start each turn
two of the same colored bombs
not getting
 all those damn jellies
making the right combos
running out of turns

 has anyone
in the history of this game 
won' the 'jackpot'
the daily booster wheel

 i doubt it

i drove myself mad with that
 some scrabble
 some words with friends

i have been getting the worst letters 
making the most pathetic words 

are the game gods agin me
 feels like they are


 after hours of nothing exciting 
we watched
 into the woods 
which i loved

 i didnt see the play
 i have to wonder about some of the casting
 i thought meryl streep was a fabulous witch
 i suspect bernadette peters played it a whole other way 
meryl is an amazing actress
 bernadette is a singer
 sondheim is a tricky lyricist

 emily blunt
(edited because i misnamed poor emily)
 was wonderful as the baker's wife
joanna gleason
 i wish i had seen her as the baker's wife 
 the movie is wonderful
 anna kendrick is charming and can sing really sing
 chris pine makes a terrific flawed prince charming
 did i say i loved it 
i loved it 

we went from that
watching the crazies in times square 
we switched
 ryan seacrest
carson daly
 who sat with three people i never saw before in my life
 making rude remarks 
dishing 'celebrities' 
 lasted less than one segment

 ended up
 turning off the sound 
sea crest
 til the ball dropped

 sipped a little more champagne
 kissed my man 
went to bed
 i think
 i was asleep by 12:15
(edited again because duh i was wake for the ball drop)
 pathetic but true 

 i am sitting here
 our traditional new year's day breakfast

toonman makes us
 a very yummy combo
eggs onions cheese potatoes 
lots of good coffee
 some onion rye 
i didnt think to get a baguette from eric kayser
 just now 
oh well

 happy new year