dogs walking

i took this a few weeks ago
 i dont remember when 
i can go look 

it was
november 23 at 10 something in the morning
when i took this shot

 i can remember
a little help from iPhoto

 of course
 i didnt have the big camera
 of course
 i wish i had
 of course
 there's a zoom on the iPhone camera
 of course
 i didnt use it 



 its not all that great a zoom
 things dont get focused nicely

 if i want to soften a shot
 i will do it myself 
as i did with this

 played a bit with 'glow' from topaz labs 

i hope they reply quickly to my technical question
 since apple upped the iOS ante to 10.10.1 
 iPhoto to v9.6 
the topaz labs editor
 isn't working 
 an external editor 

 what that means is 
i have to export a photo
 to open it in
 enhance or alter

 i am a lot lazy 
 i dont do a lot of editing 
 looked like fun

 it won't import into photoFXlab
topaz hasn't updated the photoFXlab
 to fix the compatibility issues

 ... so... 

if you're an iMac user thinking of trying topaz labs
use it in a less than easy manner

 .. whine over .. 

enjoy the photo