busy busy

well it sort of snowed here saturday
 just as i got to bloomingdales 
it started to spit wet flakes

i met my friend cheryl
 i love shopping with cheryl
 she's good at finding stuff
 for instance
 bloomingdales directory
 is not alphabetical 
you'd think 
it would make it easier 
for shoppers
 the items were listed
 by name
 by floor
 she figured out coats were on 5

we went
 all the while
 catching each other up
 on what gossip 
what stuff 
 since we last spent an afternoon together

 both of us digress
 so we have to keep
 each other 
 finish the story

 we looked around the 5th floor 
lots of coats
 i was interested
 something warm
 something down
 a michelin man puffer look
 i am not 20
 i want warm 
not cute
 i want cover my tush length 
i want pockets
 i want a hood
 i want a zipper and buttons

 i do not necessarily want fur trim

 i really wanted canada goose

 its already cruise clothing time in department stores
 winter coats are over
 not a lot of choices 
not every style 
in every size 
in every color

 i sort of wanted

 i ended up
 a canada goose in black with a hood zipper and buttons pockets cover my tush length

the best part?
i had a gift card
a return of a gift
 i got last christmas
turns out
 the coat
 with tax
 came to
the exact
 to the penny
the gift card 

before all this
 i got a hair cut

a long over do cut

at least 4 inches lopped off

no more flat witchy hair
 it feels good
 thank you again yi for making me look so nice

 after the hair cut 
after bloomingdales 
cheryl and i went to eric kayser for brunch

 i have to be honest
 it wasn't as good this time as it was last

 my eggs were not cooked enough or hot enough
 back they went 
when the waiter returned
 they were hot well cooked 
i commented that microwaves are a good thing
 of course 
by then
 the toast was cold

 the coffee was good

 i think
 i can move on from eric kayser 
at least for brunches