5:55 AM

we woke
a blizzard

my office was closed
 i could pretend it was saturday
sleep til at least 7

 got up at 5ish 

 cats do not understand snow days 

they expect to be fed
 a week day
 the regular time

 they'll let us sleep past 5 on weekends
shut the bedroom door 
cover our heads 
with pillows 
 the caterwauling 


i got up tuesday morning
 intent on feeding them
followed by
 return to bed
sleep til at least 7 

while they ate 
i looked out the window
 the street 
was silent 
was empty

 it was quite lovely

plowing created mini snowbanks

 all that fresh snow

 tucked my pjs into my boots
 zipped up the coat 
wrapped the scarf tight
pulled the hood up over my head 
grabbed the iphone


walked toward the park
just a few long strides
sinking into soft powder
i stopped 
 this photo

 admired my foot prints

 scooted back into the house

but now i was wide awake

5:55 AM


  1. I am always, always, looking forward to your posts, as soon as I see the announcement of a new one appear. Besides the fact that I love what your eyes see and what and how you capture it (some pictures, like today, give me a pang in my heart and I wanne BE THERE), I also love your words at least as much. Sometimes you have me in stitches, like right now, shortly after my first cup of coffee, trying to avoid reading the news (like good citizens would do) and having fun instead right here.
    And you make me chuckle about the crazy things photographers do! Is it a sort of altered state of mind, the pull of the lens, the innate desire to stop the time? Who knows. PJs in boots worthy, always!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the crunching underfoot, and the wonder that demands to be joined immediately, even in pj/s under a coat. A special time in the city no doubt.

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. Fresh snow , your footprints first Not even a touch of yellow snow-! The things you will do to provide us spectacular photos. Stay warm!

  4. 5 am is tooooo early for a day off work. But it does look very pretty!

  5. It was so worth it! That's a stunner. I bet you were all excited and giddy. That's what happens to me when I see a spectacular bank of clouds, or beams of light, or heavy rain or fresh snow. And that feeling os so fantastic that I bet it was all worth it. :D

  6. Such fun, running outside in your pj's in the snow, snapping pics and heading back.
    You really need to do something about the cats.

  7. I love early morning in winter -- it *is* so peaceful and quiet.

  8. Fresh snow is so lovely and you even captured some of the sparkles.

  9. I know it makes things difficult, but I love NYC when it is covered in snow.
    We got very little here, but it is bitter, bitter cold.


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