whine without cheese

its 10:37 PM
i sit here
a bit frustrated
feeling a lot stupid 


 if only
 i would read the manuals
 when i get a new electronic gadget
 truth is
 i did
 at the manual
 i didnt 

 i almost cried
 i couldn't get the new printer
 print in a mode 
i set
 i gave up and did what the printer wanted 

after i printed all the holiday cards
 i decided to print a photo of toonman and me
took 3 tries
 i need to pay attention


i found the printer cleaning paper i couldn't find the other day

 where was it 
 it was with the printer paper

 of course

 i was looking for something 8x11
 its not

who cares

 i found it
i used it
in the process 
 the printer has setting adjustments 
for the different inks 


 i am so thick
i am tired
 have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning
 whatever the heck they are 
that keep happening to my gums
 i think
 its from all the not nice things i say during the day
 all that nasty
 leaves residue 
on my gums

 keep digits crossed
 its only something minor
 infection or root canal 

 thats it

 done whining 

done writing


  1. Oh, you poor thing,
    nothing more frustrating than having printer trouble late at night when one really should relax and get ready to bed!
    Wishing I could offer you a cup of ginger tea and Christmas cookies. Would offer you my vanilla crescents, but they are not "real" ones as my daughter says, I made them with buckwheat flour. I like them nevertheless, even too much (too many, that is), so if you want to nibble some, you are welcome. Just don't tell the dentist!
    Good luck this morning,

  2. Oh dear. Big hugs to you sweetie. I know what that's like because I rarely read manuals either. There's something experiential about my nature which turns every manual I try to read into Mandarin. No idea what that's all about. Oh well, once you've done it you'll probably remember for next time.
    But dentist...ugh...you have my deepest sympathy. In Sept I was threatened with a future preventative measure of taking out a row of molars...even tho they are perfectly healthy...because of potential damage from the treatment and future complications. Agonizing decision, but stuff that for a game of soldiers, teeth stayed put!!! Everything's survivable sweetie. The dentist will be only a bad memory in a day or two.

  3. Going to the dentist... not a good thing. The weekend will soon put that behind you, though.

  4. I don't see my comment...did the "prove you're not a robot" thing, too...and a number, as well. Crazy Blogger.

  5. Sorry, I gave up on color printers and bought a laser printer for Logan's schoolwork. For photos I upload and have the neighborhood Walgreens print out. Not as handy but I've had lots of late night frustration messing with printers myself.

  6. All I can say is ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH on the printer


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