weekend done

it was
 a wet 
very wet

i got my hair washed/blown dry 
 put my hood on
 flattened out all the lovely fullness

 i cleaned 
 my closet
 a month or two ago
 weeding out 
all the things 
i no longer wear

 made up
 a big bag 
to a shop
 second time around
 which sells your castoffs on consignment 
they look on line to determine the cost
 when it sells 
you get 40%
 if it doesn't sell in 3 months
 you take it back

 if what i brought them doesn't sell
 i will take it to housing works 
they take donations 
give you a tax deduction form

 win win

 i hopped the subway
 columbus circle
pick up a sweater
 i bought 
an online shop
 to save shipping 
i had it sent
their brick and mortar store

the uptown train

 these guys
wonderful music

 while i waited
 they played/sang 
'the christmas song'
 .. you know .. 
chestnuts roasting on an open fire
 it made the wait so pleasant
 i didnt mind
 being squished in
 a lot of wet people 
the short ride home 

after dinner 

take away from city bakery/bird bath bakery
chicken/corn/kale salad
gluten free pasta/arugala in a lemon dressing
kale/hazel nut/red onion salad

we settled in for the evening watching
i loved it
 the newsroom
 i really am not happy its going to end 
i really love aaron sorkin's writing
 i really love the characters 


 as gorgeous as 
 was not

 an instagram guy i know
 got a book deal
 for a book
 similar to the popular 
humans of new york

 i was the first of many who will be profiled in the book 
we had a photo shoot
in riverside park
on west end avenue
in our apartment 
 a lot of fun
 it was

these are the guys
the very clever idea

eljay's in the hat and flip-flops
 nick's in the yankee cap

 i hope will make them a lot of money

a busy fun filled weekend