weekend blather

its another sunday afternoon
 the weekend 
 so quickly

 it feels
 should be saturday
its not

 i did get a lot done
 i beautified on saturday and sunday
 hair one day nails the other 

you thought
 i was going to say
 hair today gone tomorrow 

ha ha 

the cold
didnt stop carolers
in front
 the church on 79th at broadway

 i bundled up
i walked down 
 near lincoln center
 to get a gift 
the next to last one on the list
 i fortified with jacques torres hot chocolate
 insult to injury
 ordering a pizza
 shared with toonman
  a late lunch early dinner

 it was good

 i sort of behaved
 eating only two slices vs the 4 i could have

 we watched
 the last two episodes of the newsroom
 earlier in the week
 a guy on the subway
 was holding forth to a friend
 in a very loud voice 

i dont understand
no one uses indoor voices
 on the subway
 do you really think 
what you have to say 
we all 
want to hear 
care to hear 

he was going on
 about having watched the last episode
 how the show
 have ended with the next to last
 the penultimate 
my word
 not his
 thats for sure 

not having seen it
 i wondered
 if he would be right

 he wasn't 

the ultimate episode
 looked back
 over the two seasons
 the show aired on hbo
 filling in gaps 
 we'd seen

 i think it tied things up quite nicely 
 i am prejudiced
 i really liked those people 
the new insights 
made me like them even more
 i wish the show hadn't ended 
it has 

maybe in a few years
 i will rewatch it on netflix 
the way i did 
sports night

my bff 
 sent us
 a sampler pack
olimila artesian evo balsamic dressings 

oh my good golly

 i tried
 the one
 vampire killer:
 sun dried tomato parmesan garlic evo

 sprinkled it on some romaine
 it was so good
 i wished
 i had more romaine
 here's a link to their site  

for all you foodies
 they're on youtube evooshow.com weekly

 we also got
 from our older daughter lisa
a big bucket of popcorn
sent from 
in dallas 

we're saving it 
for when we watch a movie later
 (since you're reading this on monday we've already eaten it) 

 i think food
 a fabulous holiday gift
all my cookie making friends
 i am waiting 

 the best part of the weekend
 annie sat on my lap for more than a nano second

 she is really a love 

she hops up
 toonman's desk
 head rubs and brushing

 here's a fun photo
 i took
 just because 

that's the christmas/hanukkah mouse
 our friend judy gave us a few years ago 
the snowman card is from our lisa