this and that

i did not
 turn on
 that stupid comment verification thing
 i have it set to only ask for verification
 on posts
 older than 10 days
 i don't know why its on

you can just ignore it and post your comment without it

finished The Magicians Trilogy 
 it was really wonderful
 i highly recommend it

still not fully in the holiday shopping mood
 i am really
 toonman and i
 each other
 this year

annie's got a new trick
she's learned
 she comes up on the coffee table 
presents herself 
to be indulged 
we're working on lap sitting next 

i am not sure
 if you know this about me
 if i misplace something
 finding it
 consumes me

 i cannot simply 
'get over it' 
 'buy another' 
i have to find the lost whatever 
i also am one of the best people to ask for help if you lose/misplace something 
 i have to tell you
the blush brush

on saturday
 i cleaned the two blush brushes i own 
put them in the silverware drainer to dry

 in the early evening 
i checked
 one was dry 
one was still damp 
decided to put them in the bathroom

went into the place i keep it 
the other
 i stuck in .. well thats part of the problem
 i can't remember 
 i stuck it 
on sunday
 i put on some make up for the  photo shoot
for the book i told you about on sunday
 looked for the brush 
couldn't find it 

i searched everywhere 
even places it couldn't possibly be
 i had to go out 
 i asked toonman to look under the furniture
 he was sure one of the cats found it 
played with it
 it was somewhere
 under something

 the photo shoot 
was great fun 

this is one of the shots we did after we were done outdoors

nick who has a website/business at here took it
i digress 
after nick and eljay left
 i asked toonman
 if he had looked for the brush
 he said
 yes but it wasn't under the furniture 

i decided to look again
 i checked email 

while i was sitting at my desk 
harry was nosing my feet 
when i moved
 he moved
 he started poking around next to the air filtering thingie
 i thought 
he's found something and he's going to eat it
 i need to stop him 
i moved the air filter thing
 there was my brush

one of the cats
 find it 
 turned it into a toy

which one?
 i guess
 thats something 
i wont find out

harry turns lots of things into toys