last weekend of 2014

 hard to believe
screeching to its end

 it was a busy year
 weather wise it was a mild year 
not so much at its start 
 as winter approaches again
 its bearable
 no snow this october
 in fact 
dare i voice it 
no snow
 here in the city 
so far
the rain seems more plentiful than in the past
 if you can live with it 
so can i

 i went to amsterdam
 a city
 i had long wished to visit
 it was as wonderful as i imagined 
how nice to fulfill a dream
to be disappointed
 when reality doesn't meet expectations

 my office move 
was pretty easy 
settling in less so

 tighter downtown
 making deliveries
 harder to get

 i can't tell you
 how many
 fedex packages
 how many 
ups packages
 i have had to chase down

 i could
 i won't 

we adopted a third cat
 a little girl 
we named annie 
orphan annie who was also a red head 
(as a friend said totally seriously: until she was black
 - that is a reference 
to the new movie 
an adorable black actress playing annie 
so relax

you'll be happy to hear the boyz 
have decided to like her
 she them
when she doesn't like harry

 silly girl 

our health
 has been good
 knock wood

 toonman's videos and toons still amuse

 i am ending
 through my eyes
 i just can't find the time or energy
 to take enough photos 
i like
 well enough
two blogs

to satisfy 
your insatiable need for blather
 more of you 
who dont comment
 at least
 click on the page
 do so
 on days
 i go on and on

 speaking of photos
 i went to midtown on saturday
 with my friend donna
 we hadn't spent a long afternoon together in quite a while 
we went to return a gift i got from bergdorf's
 to have lunch at fred's in barneys 

after we left bergdorf's 
i looked at the wonderful holiday trim 
 tiffany's facade
reached for my phone
 only to discover 
i had left it home

 i borrowed donna's phone snapped a few pix 

when we got to barney's
 i managed this quick snap
 base luhrmann extravaganza
 that are the barney's facade/windows 
no way
 i could get closer
 there's always
 even at night 
a crowd blocking the view

we managed to get a table for lunch
 even tho we didnt have a reservation 
 we'd talked forever 
finished our salads
 we did a little shopping
 we both bought hats 
checked out the 60% off sales 
then headed home

after a light dinner toonman and i watched
a very enjoyable
magic in the moonlight
colin firth is so very swoon worthy
emma stone a delight

the other evening
 i honestly
 we watched
 the imitation game
truly excellent

truly over