columbus contemplates the winter skies

 the dentist said
 it was an ulcer 
it will heal on its own
 get the f@#k outta here and have a happy holiday
 no charge

 i love my periodontist

 took this on the way to his office
 the light was so lovely

 next step
the holiday card making process
stuff the envelopes

 done for another year 

do you send cards
 are they specific
a holiday 
 new year 

do you make them
 do you buy them

 nosy blogger wants to know


  1. SO glad to hear that your problem was not major. I suffer from those ulcers all the time due to Behcet's Disease. In fact, I have one right now that has been troubling me for about a week already. I have liquid lidocaine that helps immensely. I only made my cards one year. It was a LOT of work! Since I am affiliated with Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, and Minted...I order from them now. I have been very pleased the last several years ordering from them. The quality cannot be beat! I know many people have given up the tradition, but it is one I enjoy and will continue. Happy Holidays D! xo

  2. Nice! I love the thought of Columbus contemplating the skies. :D Hooray for good dentists. I just postponed my periodontist appointment to late Jan. Can't put myself thru it right now, but will be A OK by then. Cards...yeah...haven't done any this year, but will now and distribute by hand round here. Cards are done for E, R distributed those. Everyone else will get emails, phone calls etc. I do a mix of homemade, my art cards printed, and store bought one I find lovely. :D Oh, written about the treatment and posted. One of the hardest things I've ever written.

  3. Each year, I say that I'm going to have photo cards made, and each year it never happens. This year was no exception, but for the first year in many years, I did not even make cookies. :-(
    It's all good though, and hopefully things will slow down a bit soon.

    I wish you and Ray a most beautiful holiday season, and a bright and beautiful New Year. xo.

  4. We haven't done cards in years ... bad us.


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