almost the weekend

 it is the week end
 the end of the work week
 i think saturday is the weekend
 sunday is the beginning of the new week
 monday the beginning of the work week
 this week
 stick a fork in it
 is done

 whats new
 i am deeply loving
 the goldfinch
 i put off reading
 i was sure
 i would hate it 
oh contrar 
i thought if i left the y off it would seem correctly spelled
 if you've not read it 
you should
 its the opposite end
the genre spectrum
 the magician books 

my reading taste is 
 my music taste
 all over the place

i have almost completely decided to end my other blog 
i just dont have the energy
 more to the point
 i dont have the photos
 i do
 i have to go back and look for them

 for some reason
for me
 if a photo isn't new
 it doesn't feel sharable

 some days
 this blog 
will have lots of words
 some days none
 i dont know
its going to evolve again 
i guess

 i hope you'll still enjoy it 

i dont know if you have an iPhone
 if you noticed
 that there was an option 
to try 
the beta version
 photos in the iCloud

 i opted to try

it its nice to have all my photos in one place

 its a bit annoying
 to take a photo with my iPhone
not have it automatically
 saved in iPhoto
my computer

 if i delete a photo
 its gone
 irrevocably gone 
a recently deleted folder on the iPhone
 where photos are held for 30 days 
should you decided to get them back
 not delete them
 restore them

 to get a photo 
iCloud into iPhoto
 you must download it
 export it to the desktop
 import it to iPhoto
 whatever photo app you use

 i hope they ask for feedback 
 thats just too many steps

  i was going to share 
the pano shot
 i took from my office window
 i already shared it on Facebook
 now it seems redundant
here's a photo
 i took
 the other morning 

it was in the window
 of a shop along broadway
 the word 
 was created
 by setting steel wool on fire
 moving it 
while photographing it
 i think
 a long exposure mode
 i could be wrong about that part 
 i think it looks very cool


  1. It does look cool, and whoever put it together put a lot of work into it.

  2. Just as long as you don't leave here! I'd miss you too much. :D That photo is such a cool process. I've tried doing something like that myself with very questionable results.

  3. Sometimes I wonder how you juggled the two blogs while staying active on Instagram.

    I have a Tumblr blog that I mainly use for film but it is hard to build a following there and I've lost interest in film for now. It comes and goes.

  4. What a neat shot this is!
    SO glad you will still be here.
    I would SO miss you if you were not. xo.

  5. I'm currently barely on IG because I keep failing to get out to walk before it gets dark. I am running out of new photos! I'm determined to start walking in the middle of day until the days start getting longer.


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