what a difference a week makes ...

last weekend
 the most exciting
 it was 

 this weekend
 total slothville 

aside from
 some errands
 a lot of reading

 very much to write about 

lets see
 what i can expand upon

 i am at the stage of needing a hair cut
 my hair hasn't been this long
 in well
 i can't remember

 its longer
it was
the short cut
that looked good 
 it grew out

i am hesitant to go back to that stylist
 i know he's really good

 i love the woman who blow dries my hair
 i like the cut she gave a friend
 my hair and the friend's hair 
at all alike

 i am not sure
 i want to take that chance

 such a dilemma

 i didnt need to buy much
 for the coming week 
as its a short week
 i ordered a ton of food from zabars
 (i really dislike auto correct it insists i mean zebras)


 i dont cook

i order pre-cooked food
 turkey and the fixings
 hotted or heated

 how you think of it
 its like
 dressing vs stuffing 
hotted vs heated 
whatever or whichever

 i am reading an excellent book 
book one of a trilogy 
 lev grossman
 the magicians

 i would tell you more about it 
 i am only 103 pages into the first book

  i did look
for a blurb the share
 what i found was a sort of recap
 the trilogy

the one 
who loves spoilers 
who always said
 knowing what happens isn't a spoiler cause you still have to see how it happens
she went looking
 of course 
i didnt stop reading quickly enough 

i could blame you
 i won't 


here's a photo of my street
 last weekend

i tried
 in the same spot
 the same tree 

didnt work out so well

 you get the idea

  winter is coming!