weekend recappage

its monday

i am writing this on 

you're reading it

as is the way
the internets
 i post
 its there
 you show up

 works for me

 lets see

 it was
 all in all
 a good weekend 

weather was much colder
 than its been 
up til now

 i think
 we were spoiled
 by the way the warmth lingered

 its gone now

monday comes with rain
 temps in the 50s
 to lull us
a false sense
 its gonna get cold
 then colder still 

i hope this winter 
is not like last 

that was just horrible


it was a cold
nice weekend 

there was some major lifting
 on broadway
 i was waiting
the crosstown bus

overcast on sunday
even these bright ginkgo leaves couldn't alleviate the gray skies

 i got a lot done
 i even left work at 3ish on friday
 always a treat to get home early on friday

 the cats decided 
i needed to wake at 4 on saturday morning

 i dont know how toonman
 hear them or feel them
 they race in out of the bedroom 
leaping on off the bed
 as jack is wont to do 
running behind our heads across the back of the bed

 they are truly animals
 our apartment is like a zoo

i had a wonderful much needed massage on saturday
i will not name him masseuse
 told me he was definitely earning his money 
kneading my aching back

 i almost nodded off during my facial
 if you've ever had a facial
 you know 
thats sort of insane 
 how it can hurt 
to have your pores cleaned

 shannon who does my facials
 is not gentle 
she's thorough

 i love how my skin looks
 we did a deep peel this month
 i was told my face might be pink 
it wasnt 
i guess i have tough skin
 i am a tough woman
 yeah right

 on my way home
 i spotted this skirt
 i love it
 i love the way it flows
 its light
 its a midi length
 its so pretty
 i am planning on wearing it with boots and a black sweater 

we watched 
a lot of catch up tv on saturday evening
 i love love love aaron sorkin
 i am so sad
 this season
 is the last of newsroom
 the 'boston' episode
 well written acted 
 spot on 

a much needed manicure
 this move 
the subsequent
 unpacking moving things around
 has done damage to my nails and my fingers

 i was a mess
 susan at polished
 made it all better

 i met my sister for brunch
 maison kayser 
of course 
we were talking
 of course
 i forgot to take photos
the amazing eggs we had
 by the time
 i realized
 i hadn't snapped a photo 
they were devoured
 all gone

 its a tiny dining area
the food is so good 
i brought home leftover baguette for toonman
after i stopped at zabars
ordered our thanksgiving fixings
 which come all cooked
to hot up and serve
 as you may recall
freaks me out 
math is required 
 get it all hot at the same time 
toonman will be my anchor
he will remind me it will all be okay

thats about it

how was your weekend?


  1. Let me say I ADORE (silly word choice, I know, but what can you do about feelings?) reading about your weekend. So New York, so ... grown-up. I try to imagine replicating a New York weekend in Vienna. I wonder. I almost want to try. Not next weekend, though. It's going to be our Thanksgiving on Saturday. Turkey ordered (woohoo, we have a butcher who's all old-fashioned). Love that skirt. Want it. I need to pull down my boxes with boots. May get cold around here, too. The Ginkgo leaves are holding on fine in your parts, here they are sort of packing up, with every buff of wind another gaggle of leaves is riding out of town.

  2. Beautiful ginkgo. That reminds me, there's one around the corner that I meant to go take a photo of. Must make an effort. Cats! Don't talk to me about cats. They're the reason I'm on the pc at 4am this morning! Running across bed behind head...check, meowing at foot of bed...check, scratching at closed door...check. Out they go into the cold until a more civilised hour! Weekend was a good one. Saturday box store sickness...a necessary, but awful trip to Costco. (Hate that huge store), but then a lovely walk on the cold beach, and Sunday C and I met Jon's new girlfriend and we both love her immediately! Hooray. Secretly we hope this one might be the ONE.

  3. Beautiful skirt and you will look lovely in it...as always.

    Before I croak, I must get a facial and a mani-pedi. I've never had either one. Need to make "pamper" a part of my life because you make it sound so heavenly. I'm sure my pores are just nasty LOL

    You are right. Rain and cool today but tomorrow downright January weather. Dislike. xoxoxo

  4. Nice to hear about your weekend and love the skirt, did you just spot it or your got it? Ha, ha. My weekend was pretty cool getting ready to travel on the other side of the country (Alsace) to spend some time withe my son and his family (he came back from his deployment in Africa, last Friday). Then a couple of days in Paris to see my daughter and her boy-friend... I just love these types of plans!!! Have a great week Daryl, take care.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. It was gray and cold here, too, but thank goodness the sun came out today. Still cold, but I can handle that more than the gray. Love that skirt!!

  6. The cats do that as a reminder that you're lower on the pecking order than the cats are.

    That big crane reminds me of here- downtown on the weekend you might see one of those on a street, hence closing down the entire street, since that's the only time to lift some essential bit of equipment up to an office tower roof.

  7. It sounds like a great weekend to me, and I really love that skirt!

    It was a cold, nasty weekend, and this morning I woke up to 3 inches of snow, followed by freezing rain, and then rain. With temps only on the 20s tomorrow, it promises to be a not so nice day. I am sure that winter is here. xo.

  8. I adore that skirt! It will look great on you. So sad that THE NEWSROOM won't continue after this season -- it's so well done.

  9. I'm so proud of you. Lifting is what you call it. The whole process is a called a lift. Where did you learn that?

    It was colder than crap this past weekend. I didn't have to ferry my son around as much usual so I got to go running and geocaching. I got to do some snow running. We had a grand old time and made the most of our 0.23 inches.

  10. Well now. There is just so much here. I loved the skirt and think it will look great on you, especially with the black boots. I do not love that the kitties wake you so early.

    I will not be having turkey this year for Thanksgiving. And I will miss that very much.

  11. I am completely in love/lust with that skirt! It's so flippy and cute.


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