weekend blather

my wonderful husband
 got up to feed the cats on saturday morning 
so i could sleep in

 when i thanked him
 he said
 hey i read your blog

 it felt so good
 to sleep past 4 ayem
 thats the time the cats begin their assault
 to get me up to feed them
 mind you
 they dont get fed til 5:30

 i guess
 they think
 they need
emulate a snooze alarm

 did you know 
i dont use an alarm clock

never have

 no need

i always wake
 around 4-4:30
 look at the clock 
turn over
 go back to sleep
 i can sleep 
til the time 
i need to be up 

i think i may have 'over slept' 2-3 times
my whole life

 its a gift 


speaking of assault
 we watched
 edge of tomorrow 
 saturday evening
 it was quite a lot of fun

 if you've ever played a game
 angry birds
you can do it over and over
 til you get it right
 you'll enjoy this

 its sort of groundhog day set in an alien invasion/war

 tom cruise
 was good
 i say this
i am not a tom cruise fan 
 he was good
 in this 
 so was emily blunt

 i recommend this movie
 i am sure a lot of you
 find it to your taste 
who do will

when i did get up saturday morning
 i lazed around drinking coffee 
 it was time for my hair appointment 
my hair is longer now 
than its been in many a year

 i was growing out
 not so wonderful cut 

 i am just letting it grow
 for the fun of it 

 it will need to be

 maybe its already reached that point
i am not ready 
decide on 
 i will let do it

i did a lot of errands on saturday
 it was
 chilly but sunny
a good day to be out 

 i went to polished for my weekly mani/pedi
 my poor fingers
so cut up 
my nails

 the move
 took its toll
 my hands
my back
 in addition 
 sapping my energy

 not to mention
 i will
 my damn throat is still annoying me 

i am awaiting
from my healthcare provider
 to see an ent
we can figure out 
what the heck
throat thing 
a virus


 i have decided
 i dont get the 'permission' slip
 monday's mail
 i am making the appointment

what else
 i dont know
 what else

 oh yeah

 the cats

 annie has tried to make friends with jack
 she avoids harry
 i think his hisses were more scary
 he's bigger
 tho he is a mush
 he's not made friends with her 

i think 
he's jealous of my time with her

 far more 
toonman's boy than mine

 annie is funny
 she has limited social skills 
she enters the living room
 sort of
 kramer from seinfeld

 jack and she played chase
not the brightest bulb 
she wanted to play

 she likes
 the front window
 climbing up
 on the mantle
on the sink

 get her told
very emphatically

 i think
 we're making progress