two cute pups

back in early october
 i was on the eastside
 for my yearly mammogram

 i was early
 i stopped at starbucks for a coffee 

 these two pups
 respective people 


  1. So cute! One is a bit more impatient than the other.

  2. Yay, good for you. I did mine last summer. Hooray for healthy boobs!

    Oh, yesterday C and I stopped in at the store for some groceries and there was am extraordinarily fluffy and friendly malamute tied to the bicycle rack. (it's a quiet neighbourhood) Anyway, I had to keep my eye on that girl because she kept threatening to steal the dog and smuggle her into the car. As we were walking out, the dog was still there and rolled over on her back for a tummy scratch, and all the way back to the car C kept looking over her shoulder for the "abusive" owner to show up so she would have an excuse to "rescue" the dog. What is she like? (By the way, the dog was well groomed, fed, had personalised tags, and was obviously well taken care of; not that C believed any of it)

  3. Cool shot!
    Enjoy your week end, relax my friend,

  4. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The impatient one's thinking, "are you bringing any cookies for us?"


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