i am
 the week is ending

it was another exhausting one

 i am now getting a lot of exercise
 walking a shorter distance
 the subway to the office 
the park place station has a lot of stairs


 the second
four flights
the platform to the street

 i havent



  1. Wishing you a wonderful weekend of beautification!! I look forward to hearing about your weekends D!!

  2. Stairs equal happy heart, so not all that bad, but I hear you. My weeks have also been totally work focused and packed. Maybe it's the rush up to the holidays. Maybe it's a subconscious thing that everyone freaks out before Christmas and starts rushing around wearing themselves way too thin. Probably is. Well, hope this is a beautification weekend with massage. I had acupuncture yesterday. Expecting the benefits to show up in a couple of days. :D x

  3. Jeez Louise, four flights of stairs! Your fitbit should be maxing out.


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