5:15 wake up

6:45 leave for the office

8 blocks to 72nd street

57 steps from the platform to the street at park place

3.5 blocks from park place to the office


43 floors up

7,517 steps a day on average


  1. Wow, just to get to work and back.

    If I just go to work and don't get out at lunch to walk or anything and don't exercise then it is about 4600 steps for a day.

    Those stairs would be killing me.

  2. And hello one healthy heart! Nice steppage. :D

  3. Besides all the stairs that would be killing my right knee, I think all the walking on a daily basis would be terrific. And that view! I don't think you could ever be Ho Hum about that.

  4. Love this post! After 2+ years wearing the fitbit, I've recently put it aside. I tend to be very steady in my walking, so I'm not learning much on a daily basis.


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