charm school for cats

 is adjusting to living here
 she seems to want to play
 be part of the boys club 

her idea
who she feels most comfortable around
to run at him full speed
 stop short 
 run away

 cat version
 seinfeld's kramer


 the hissing has stopped
 the growling
now mostly
 when harry 
who is the world's biggest mush
 too close

 (really this morning as i write this)
 did a sort of pele move 
 this little ball
sending it down the hall 
aiming it at annie
 who was

sort of
 tapped it 
with her paw
 it barely moved 

 walked away
 the window was more welcoming

 then she disappeared
 she's so small 
she can get herself
the boys can't

  she often hides
 the armchair
 it has a skirt 

what she doesn't 'get' 
 when either of the boys hides under there
 a game is afoot

 whoever isn't under the skirt
 tries to get the other
 to come out
 sticking a paw or nose out
under the skirt

 i dont know
 what material 
the chair has covering it 
 it has stood up to these antics 
for a few years
 with little to show 
how its mistreated
 (lauren if you're reading this thank you again for the chair/ottoman its much loved much used) 

 all this
 got me thinking

 go to obedience school
 they learn to socialize

 why isn't there something

 i know
 you are laughing
 right now
 obedience for cats
 hardee har har 

 not obedience school
 charm school

 we're convinced
never spent time in a shelter
 she must have been an only cat 
in her previous life

 clearly not a loving life 
you may recall
she was tossed from a moving car 
in a carrier
 the only reason
 she survived
 how lucky
 she was to be found by our vet
 how lucky 
she is to be a part of our lives 

i know
 we feel lucky
 most of the time 
not so much
 the times 
she refuses to use
 the scratching post or pad 
in place
the records on the shelf 
 the back of the armchair
 the duvet cover on our bed 

its hard to stay angry with a face like that


  1. she is so beautiful
    I love reading about her antics
    Siren and Isadora still surprise me with new ways of interacting and they've been together for a few years now
    cats have a really odd sense of time

    hugs to your 3 babies

  2. The old paw under the skirted chair trick. I know that I'd say that's already charming to about the third grade of charm school. The only thing more charming could possibly be the big bauble eyes and slow motion paw swipe at a toy. Love her sweet little mush. By the way, Milo plays soccer along the floors with a yellow ping pong ball at something like 2am. I try to always pick it up in the evening and put it in a drawer. He sounds like a stampede.

  3. I missed the part about her being tossed from a window from a carrier. That chills me to the bone.

    Hopefully she'll develop new habits!

  4. It sounds like the cats are getting used to each other. She is such a beauty... and lucky you've found her.

    As for obedience? Well, cats expect that out of lower life forms like humans, not the other way around.

  5. We are looking forward to meeting this newest member of your family, someday soon we hope. As a former redhead, I feel right at home with your cats. Since MY WIFE married a former redhead (well, I was still a bit ginger when we were married, but I digress) she probably feels outnumbered when we visit your place, but too bad.

  6. It sounds like a major improvement from the early days. She's one gorgeous kitty.. and I totally get how impossible it is to stay angry. Aside from there being no point to it. :)

    Frank's son is visiting for a few days and he brought his English Bulldog with him. Benny DOES NOT LIKE her one bit. Lots of growling and a few nips happening around here. As for my cats, they know it's not their problem like it was when we had my son's cat here. They're sleeping like babies through it all.

  7. She really is a precious little one, Daryl, and it sounds like they are doing very well together. I am so glad that she found you and Ray. She is one lucky kitty. xo.

  8. Aww, poor girl. I hope she learns to relax and enjoy her loving home. The only thing we found to work for "training" our cats was to use a squirt gun or plant mister: we sprayed them whenever they clawed something they shouldn't. Okay, so maybe it didn't completely work ... but it helped.


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