about the move

so my office move happened over the weekend
 we packed up
 the movers took everything downtown
 thursday evening

we had friday off 

monday morning 
i felt like a kid starting at a new school

 i woke at around 3
 i couldn't sleep

 the cats decided
 race in/out of the bedroom
 hiss at one another 
generally being

toonman slept through it all 

 not me 

i got up around 5
 fed the buggers 
 left the house
which is 
 5 minutes earlier than usual

 i walked to 72nd
 the express was pulling in
 hopped on

 4 stops later
 approx 10 min

 i got off at chambers 
walked down
 west broadway 
stopped for coffee

 i am no dummy 
i knew the coffee machines

 i was right

 it took most of the day to unpack 
the important stuff 
deal with
i need this
 i dont like that 

its all part of my job

 i didnt leave til almost 5
 the subway at chambers
 was so crowded
 i stood like a sardine without the oil
 all the way uptown

 i got home
 opened a bottle of wine
 sat down
 til about 9
 went to sleep

 i was exhausted

 except for the bad ride home
 tuesday and wednesday were identical

 there's a lot to sort out
 to get settled in

 there is still all the art photos painting to be hung
 the pantry needs organizing
the copy room has nowhere to put the 15 crates of stuff 
that need to be unpacked

 the architects/designers created a great space
in terms of 

work space
its lacking 

several closets have no bar for the hangers 
 i am not joking 

there is a conference room

who is going to meet in a conference room
 no doors 

there is an awful lot of wasted space 

 i can brag
getting my desk turned around
 so its actually
 a desk 
a long counter with a short 'L' 
under the window

this was taken a week before we moved in

the view is amazing 
even with dirty windows

actually every view is amazing 

we have the entire 43 floor 
you really can see for miles and miles

its a gorgeous building
i promise 
more photos
inside and out
i need to get to sleep
i am still exhausted

none of these are signed
i am just too tired


  1. OMG How are you ever going to get any work done with that view?

    Cats! Mine were at it at 4am this morning. I unceremoniously threw them out in the rain till 6. (bunch of wannabe players!)

  2. A new work home, a new route, disorganization, etc. there's no wonder you are exhausted!! How long did you work in TS? But how exciting and those views!! Just WOW.

  3. It really is a magnificent building!

    Well, cats will be cats. They'll do things that seem perfectly demented to you, but make complete sense to them.

  4. Cats.. they're still dealing with the time change but my Skitty is "caterwauling" EVERY F'ing night.. several times a night just to hear his voice. I'll go get him and bring him in bed with me and he pulls away and goes right back to a spot in the halls to MROOOOOOW. I woke him up from his nap just for payback today. Yeah, like that'll do it. ;)

    Your view is amazing.. but I would sure rather be looking out that window than have it behind me... unless you'd just never get any work done.

  5. SO appreciated, Daryl. I have been looking forward to this post. I especially enjoy the older buildings in the city with their stone and ornament.

    Looks amazing

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  6. Oh my goodness, I would spend all day staring out the window!! What a gorgeous, gorgeous view. I'm not in a real hurry for snow, but I'll bet it will be beautiful to be way up there looking out when it's snowing. xo.

  7. I know I'm going to sound like a dummy here - but what building is this that has such incredible views?

    Is it the new building I'm hearing so much on the news about?

  8. The blue skies add so much to your city photos. The photo of the view with the miles of buildings gives such a perspective of how big it really is. Thanks for sharing all this with us.

  9. Pretty fab but I would have my desk where I could see the view! :)

  10. Good job with the desk. MUCH better as you've positioned it now.

    I'd get used to it, I suppose, but I don't like being many floors up. Working on the 43rd, despite the magnificent views, would be a bit shaky for me.

  11. Awesome view!



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