weekend recap page

annie's been with us a week
 as of this past friday

 it was a week filled with chaos
 her adjustment to us 
has been 
one step forward two steps back

 the good news
 on sunday
 she ventured into the living room
 a lot of drama 

leading up to that point
 drama reigned

harry's so laid back 
nothing bothers him

 on the other hand
 has been feeling the need
 to let everyone know 
he's the top cat
 its his house
 he is the chief hisser
 his hissing and nastiness toward harry
 very loud scary fights

 it got so that harry was hissing at jack for no reason
 no apparent reason 
 i think 
he was hissing
 he remembered being bullied
 to let jack know 
he had not forgotten 
the hissing 
the growling
 the chasing
 the attacks

toonman nor i
 got a lot sleep this past week 

sunday morning 
i did get to sleep in 
it was a sleep filled with weird dreams
i even woke myself
 sunday morning
crying out

 i would tell you about the dream
 it was so weird
 i am trying to forget it 

no there are no photos to share of the cats 
well except for this one

 harry's curled up 
against the radiator cover
 i am sure
 of days
 hissing growling and fighting