this, that and some of the other

its thursday
 hooray for friday eve

 getting closer to the move
 packing a few things 
every day
 so when i get back from amsterdam

 you didnt know
 i was going to amsterdam

 i am

 next week
 my wonderful travel friend mary and i
are off on another adventure

 i dont know
 if you know
 i have long wanted to visit amsterdam

 this trip has been in the planning stages
 for many months

 we wanted to go the second week in november 
my boss
the move downtown
 wouldn't happen
 as scheduled
 he asked me 
to go
move date

 of course
 the move is happening on schedule 

in fact
 next tuesday
 when i am in amsterdam 
move coordinators
 that would be 
 along with 5 other members of each move group
 are being given
 a tour
the new offices 

not know
 in my heart of hearts
 this would happen

 i did


 i also knew that flu shots 
were sure to be given
 when i was away

 on that score
 i was wrong

 they were given 

 at 3:45 i discovered
 they were being given from 11 until 4 

quick as a bunny
 i called someone up in the hr department
 to get in under the wire
 in fact
 the flu shot person was packing up to leave

could i come up right now
yes i could
i zipped upstairs 
she gave me the shot

i have also been promised a tour 
of the new offices
the week before the move
 when i am back in the office

the best news 
 no more hissing is happening

 i guess
 harry is all hissed out

 now annie can come hang with us
 in the living room

 i even got her her own scratching pad

you can see 
has usurped it


  1. I'd love to go to Amsterdam. I'm looking forward to your photos.

    After 12 years on the same floor we are moving down to another floor way down low. This time instead of four beige walls I get a "sliver" of glass by my door.

    I'd just soon have my cubicle back.

  2. Harry the usurper! I like that word. Actually, when the children were little I used it once and they made up the word "Uslurp" which meant expropriating the younger's slurpie. It stuck ever since. I know, what does that have to do with the price of fish? :D I knew about the Amsterdam trip; I pay Have terrific fun and relax as much as you can because, I suppose, you'll need your energy for the move.

    Flu shots ugh! I've never had one and stay pretty flu-free, (knock wood), but my mother has to have one each year as part of a hospital team, and comes down with some doozies!

  3. Enjoy Amsterdam! My daughter and I are off to Venice in a couple of weeks.

  4. Oh my, Amsterdam sounds like a great place to visit and take lots of photos. I suppose the boy cats will soon realize that Annie is now part of the family and as such has rights and privileges the same as theirs. And there will be peace in the land....or apartment. I wonder if she'll try to sit on Toonman's desk.

  5. Oh you're going to love Amsterdam, we did. Will you be visiting a brown cafe? ;)

  6. Re: Harry--boys will be boys…sigh…
    Hooray for Amsterdam! You will have a marvelous time, and I can't wait to see how you capture it through your various lenses. Enjoy!

  7. The only time I've had a flu shot, I ended up ungodly sick, and decided, never again.

    Harry! Tut tut!

  8. Have the most wonderful time in Amsterdam! Is it good that you are missing the move? Or bad? Whatever...the die is cast, I guess, so off you go!

  9. I am so excited and happy for you (your trip), but I am almost equally excited about the fact that there is no more hissing!!!! :-)

  10. So much going on! I cannot wait to see pictures from Amsterdam.

  11. gotta love that Harry! Have a fantonerful time in Amsterdam and don't forget to send photos.

  12. What a whirlwind! And yay on happy cats.


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