lots of words

how it looks
 the mornings 
i walk to the subway
above the broadway sign
water tower

lots happening here

i had a lovely lunch
Brit blogger
(her hawaiian name)
who blogs at
everything and nothing

her charming husband Peter
treated me to lunch at
the brooklyn diner
times square
their last day in nyc

its always a pleasure to meet a blogger you have known for years
i just wish they'd more time here

our wonderful vet andy kaplan of city vet
 last weekend
 about a small cat
 he found on the street
 she'd been thrown from a car
he's checked her out
she's healthy and very sweet
we're naming her

i suspect
she will wrapping
 her big brothers
 jack and harry
 around her paw in no time
she joins us on friday

three ginger cats
the more the merrier!


  1. Boy, Annie is a cutie pie!

    Those skies look ominous.

  2. Your new fur-girl looks so lovely!

  3. She's so cute! I am finding that three (though one is temporary) is more than enough for me. Probably because the temp guy picks on my old boys. He leaves us on Saturday and despite the trouble he's caused, I'll miss him terribly. Enjoy your beautiful new baby.. as if you possibly couldn't.

  4. I'm not a fan of the darker mornings! Makes me feel lazy and sleepy! How fun to have a "blogger" lunch. Your new ginger looks lovely. I'm sure there will be an adjustment period. So wonderful of you to provide her with a loving furever home! Our little ginger and white has stolen our hearts and is such a comfort to our older kitties. I worried it wouldn't work, but it has!

  5. Catching up here ~

    I've been away for a bit and am home now and really hope you're feeling better in your apartment with your charming husband and three gingers! xoxo

  6. It was such a pleasure for us both to meet you Daryl, you are just as lovely in real life as you are in the virtual world of blogging. Hoping to be able to meet up with you again when you come to the UK. Xx


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