friday friday

i am home sick
 this is
 its no fun 

it might be easier
 to list the things 
 dont ache

 lets not dwell
my being less than healthy

 look at a pretty picture
 shall we


  1. Oh no Daryl.. welcome to my week :) As I type I'm panicking about lack of oxygen to my brain through my nostrils :) take care and feel better soon x

  2. Sending good well wishes and hopefully you are feeling better soon sweetie!

  3. Feel better soon, Daryl! I'm in there with you, sporting a nice sinus infection, headache and a sore throat with coughing fits, but I'm not sure knowing this now helps you… ;-(
    Have a good weekend, nevertheless!

  4. You rest, and take good care of you.
    I hope you are feeling better REAL soon.

  5. Hope you're better soon -- I fought a 3-day migraine earlier this week and woke up stuffy today. Really? Neither of us needs to start the season off this way.

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon! Lovely photo. Love that blue, blue sky!


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