i made that up
 its an extension of the word
it means to do errands

i dont know
 a verb or a noun

 i was not very good at that part of english
 i wasn't good at a lot of english
 it was one of my majors
 being the other

 saturday was errand day
 hither and yon
 i went
 an organized way

 i dont go
 across town

 i start
the furthest point
 working my way back 

 i did it sort of differently

 i needed all my eye glasses to be adjusted
 i went to 83 street first
 got all three pair adjusted

runs the eye man
  she has
 the most sarcastic mouth

 told me
 it wasn't the frames
 it was my head

 she might be right

 since i was on 83
 i went next door to the town shop
i had a credit
 got me
two new bras
 a pair of plaid tights
 that will be fun with my grey sweater dress and boots
the best lingerie wash in the world

  i walked down to 72nd
 across to columbus
 such a fun store
 it has everything
halloween costumes to cosmetics to well

i exchanged a spritzer bottle 
 two small airline size bottles

 on the way to 72nd
 i stopped
 the shoe repair shop for new shoe laces
 the cvs for deodorant
 on the way back
 i debated
 going to trader joe's
 i did
ended up not buying anything

everything i wanted was pumpkin related or fattening
 i am going away in 2.5 days
 reason won

 i ended up walking home
 stopping into westside 
for some stacy's naked pita chips
 to have with an apple for lunch

 i accomplished
 on my to do list

 i still need to go to the bank 
for euros
 i still need to go to zabar's
for toonman's 
turkey meatballs

that can happen today

 tuesday morning
 i get my hair done
 tuesday afternoon
 i leave for the airport
 tuesday evening
 i meet mary at jfk
 we fly to amsterdam 

this was how the skies
 i began erranding

 pretty isn't it