an unphoto filled weekend

 i have been sick
 since wednesday
 i am improving 
going back to work 
i guess is 
as you read 
 as i write

 its been an eventful few days
 tho i havent been out much
 the weather being mostly awful
 there are no new photos

  i think
 i told you
 we were adopting another cat
 her name is annie 

we picked her up from the vet on friday
 she's been in the bottom
 toonman's closet
 for most of the weekend

in fact
 he was downright

 she was inspecting the bedroom 
when he walked in to see what was happening

 she hissed 

i dont know
 if you know
 i am scared please back off

 instead of being a gentleman 
backing off
 he not only hissed back
 he growled
 she growled
 there was a lot noise 
scary noise

 she burrowed her way deep into the bottom of my closet
 it being the closest place to hide

 the whole time
on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed

 they were both ushered out
the bedroom door

over the next two days 
she moved into toonman's closet 
made herself at home
 on top of something 
coming out 
 eat pee/poop
 (we put food and water bowls and a small litter box in the bedroom keeping the door closed to the boys)
 to prowl around the bedroom at night

 she is letting me pet her 
once she scratched me
 another time 
she hit me without using her claws

i called that an improvement 

she's scratched toonman twice

 he isn't taking it personally
he has decided
 to wait
 til she's out and about
 before making friends

 thats whats been happening

so here's another pretty photo
i took during my visit to the botanical gardens
last weekend