weekend recappage

 i hate
 seeing summer end
 if i had to choose 
 weather temperatures humidity like saturday

 it would be a choice
 made with some sadness

 i would choose
 sunday's fall like feel
the oh my gawd i am melting of saturday 

speaking of saturday
i went to governors island 
the best part of the day
 was the ferry ride
 7 minutes
air moving

 if you're here visiting 
you live here
 have never been


 the ferry is mostly free 
other times its $2 round trip

 the actual governors island ferry building
adjacent to the staten island ferry terminal
south street 

there was an art fair 
those are plastic drinking cups held together with those ziplock tie thingies

this huge giraffe 
 covered in graffiti 
i confess
to using my 300mm lens 

it was hot 
i wasn't in the mood 
to get closer


there is a bike rental place
 all manner of bikes are rentable

my friend and i 
 this little pedal cart
 it was a lot of work
we had to stop for coffee

 as pretty as 
the island is
 as filled
art and history (google it) it is
 the view
 the promenade facing lower manhattan


  1. Wow!!! What a view! And we went to a flea market on Saturday (and then on Sunday). Saturday was HORRIBLE weather-wise.

  2. I particularly like that giraffe. The skyline's looking grand!

  3. Love that giraffe! Have now added Governors Island to the ever-lengthening list. Gorgeous shot of lower Manhattan. Thank you.

  4. That really is a gorgeous view, Daryl, and I just love the plastic cup artwork. It was surely no easy feat to construct that! xo.

  5. Love that art and a great shot of the skyline.

  6. Gorgeous view! I will take Autumn weather over Summer heat any day of the week. I wouldn't last ten minutes riding around on that cute little cart in humid weather. In cool weather? What fun!


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