water tank project

the water tank/tower project is really truly underway


those are not my photos

i did not climb a ladder to get up there

 that i know where they are
you know
 i will be taking my own 

from the ground
thank you

lorenzo petrantoni above 393 broadway in soho

sigrid capon above 530 west 25 street

the zigzag on the left is by odili donald odits over 282 11 avenue
the swimmer is by laurie simmons over 525 west 28 street 

tessa treater above 110 fulton street


  1. I was thinking, "damn, what a great canvas that would be!" and then realised that they are wrapped in a printed fabric...darn...takes a bit of the magic away for me. But they are fun anyway.

  2. Sure does brighten up the city. And give you a lot more tower photo ops.

  3. I love these. When do you get your image on a water tower?


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