sleeping beauty

did you think 
i wouldn't 
a puppy 

this really stopped us 
on our way to the park
 last weekend 

that dog
so happy
 so relaxed
 so funny looking

 i asked
 if i could take the shot
 the guy said
  the dog just had a bath and was enjoying the sun 



  1. So, if you looked up trust in the dictionary, you'd basically see a photo of this dog. That is so sweet. Yesterday C and I came across an airdale and an ___oodle (never know what those designer dogs are) and they were nipping and chasing and playing with each other in the gayest abandon known to man. Thought of you. I'll see if any photos turned out and stick them up on FB for you to see. :D

  2. SO glad I saw this! Off to share, D

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  3. What an adorable and sweet dog! He looks so confident and so happy.
    Your picture melt my heart.


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