3 dog morning

on my morning walk to the subway
 i pass
 shops opening
 cleaning crews finishing up the night shift 
streets being hosed down
 women on their way to yoga and/or morning work outs 
delivery trucks unloading
 the occasional off their meds weirdos
 people waiting for cabs or buses
 business people exiting the beacon hotel
 the dogs 
who wait 

 this particular morning
 there was 3
 on watching the door 
their people 


  1. I think they might be waiting for a little treat...that they are hoping their humans will bring them!! Happy Saturday D!!

  2. I'd be one of them, except that Bosco would go bananas if i left him outside like that. How can he herd me if I'm not right next to him??? ;-)

  3. When Heather leaves the house, our three mutts stare at the front door. Kills me.

  4. Aw, good dogs. We get an awful lot of that round here too. Love how that black lab is perching his bum on the low fence. If I were him I'd perch too. Do your Sbuxs also have water bowls outside for the dogs?

  5. Are they tied or just standing quietly on their own? I would imagine the sidewalk is full of smells that could cause a dog to wander.

  6. Hahahahaha
    Funny title.
    I'd probably call this one "Intense".

  7. Possibly hoping their owners will bring them a treat too. Cute photo!

  8. Dogs can be so very patient when they're waiting for their people. This is a wonderful photograph, Daryl. So sweet. xo.

  9. Oh, this is just way too cute! Love it!!


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