what a face

we were on our way out of the park
 after a quick walk
the river and back

 i saw this pup
the grass 
their person
 sitting on a bench

 i just crouch and snap

 there aren't people with the pups
 there are
i merely make eye contact before snapping away
this guy
i could see
 i would need to ask 

i did

 i pointed to the camera i was holding
 nodding toward the dogs

 may i?

  he looked
 at them
 at me
 as long as its not for commercial purposes or for a dog porn site 

somewhat surprised
i said
 its for my blog

 after i took the pix
 toonman and i 
 to walk home 
exchanging looks and shrugs
 he said
 did you get a shot of the little guy he was terrific

 i did
 he is