weekend recappage

came home thursday evening
 looking forward
a relaxing but not slothful weekend 

 i met a friend
 we went to riverside park

 i wanted to walk down 
the wine bottle sculpture

 i had heard about
 an area 
called clinton 
along the hudson river portion 
the park 
that edges the river
 of the same name 
 the westside of manhattan

we had to have lunch 

we opted
 pier 1 cafe

 jam packed
 new yorkers visiting the park
 on weekends
 it was practically deserted
12ish on friday

i had a burger 
my friend opted for chicken fingers

 in no rush
 we sat 
we ate 
we chatted 
we walked
the skies were threatening 
but never let loose

 we stopped at all the art
 i have shown you in past posts 

along the way
 she got
 a shot

i was focusing on some dying but interesting flowers

 i had wanted to join a walk
 the george washington bridge 
 a visit
 to the little red lighthouse

my heavy lens was necessary 
my backs been a bit wonky
i decided a long walk schlepping a heavy lens was not in the cards

toonman and i 
 a short walk uptown in the park
we missed an event
not sure 
what it was about
 the clean up was interesting

the skies
 pretty amazing
our way back

was spent beautifying

one evening i forget which we watched divergence 
it was a decent book but the movie was meh

not as active a weekend as i had hoped
what did you do?