there's a point here somewhere

i thought 
i had
 to share
 to blather
 i do

 i long admired
 san merideth
an artist 
used to blog

 i longed
 one of her abstracts

 two years ago
 i was in santa fe
she of course was not in town
 where she lives 
where she and her husband
 convergence gallery

san not being there 
did not stop me
 buying one of her sunsets 
as well as
"black and white"
 brad stroman

 i sent her a photo of the bedroom 

oh my good golly 
look at all those dust collectors 

 she emailed
a photo 
of the stroman piece in situ 

piece of cake
 i thought

 yes honey
 i know 
if i asked you'd
 have put up lights for me 
 i didnt

 my 35mm
with flash
 wasn't doing it 

this part 
 the living room 

can you tell 

 the brad stroman's
 "black and white"
 the middle piece

oh yeah
 i ended up
 shooting it with the iPhone
 its not as fussy about light