i had such good intentions

i had
 good intentions

 i was going
 to get out 
the big camera

 i did get out
 i did walk
 i didnt take the camera

 i 'only' walked
 columbus circle
 to the time-warner mall/shops 
a stop on the way 
 to get toonman
 a stand-alone dvd drive
 the uber expensive apple iMac 
no longer
 a dvd drive

 we got apple
 the phone
help him
 transfer files applications etc 
 his old iMac to the new 
he calmed down
 there was a moment 
 he was all
 send it back we can buy an old one


the weekly visit
dry cleaners 
 all i got done

total me day 
i had my monthly massage and facial
 got my hair washed/blown dry
 picked up something to nosh 
i was starving
all that pampering

 i was hoping to get toonman to take a walk 
he was too involved 
burning dvds
 making back ups 
one with his iMac

 being one 
with the iMac

 felt the need
 to get in on the action
 toonman's very crowded desk 

see him sleeping between the two machines?

more 'me' indulgence
followed by
brunch across town
in a very french bistro
a good friend and her sometimes boyfriend
a girl needs weekends like these
i still wish
toonman and i
gone for a walk


  1. Oh, I'm so happy for you for all the lovely girl time. Over here, R and I built a carport, (sort of, well, chopped down a plum tree and moved parts of a Jaguar wheel base around and raked the future carport floor). Exhaustion to the max ensued with mood swings and not so nice a Sunday. But I did sleep for 9 hours...so I guess that's my girl time...lol. Love Harry behind Toon's Macs! Comfy cat.

  2. Sounds like you both had a good weekend! I love spending one on one time with my iStuff!! But, I do love all of the pampering too!! Good for you Daryl!

  3. As they say in German, "Erstens kommt es anders als man denkt ... " - first, things never turn out the way you expect. ;-)

    Is there a reason your TM burns his files on CDs instead of making external hard drive copies? Just curious ... I have an external hard drive farm, right now the cows are sort of coming home ... Moo, no more space in the box!

    Right now I am forcing myself to work on my 13" Macbook (attached to a large monitor), to figure out if I can leave the 17" monster at home during my next trip.

    I got an iPhone for my birthday. I often leave the big camera at home now. I am enjoying immensely being able to take pictures without shlepping a ton in gear.

  4. Sounds like a fine weekend even without the camera and a walk with the guy. I was out of town--sometimes it's just fun to be someplace different!

  5. Your weekends are lovely. Reminds me I should do some pampering :)
    I got all the spider webs and dead spiders out of the garage on Saturday haha but had a good day with my son on Sunday :)

  6. In Harry's opinion, it's not Toonman's desk, it's his desk.

  7. Awwww, I just love that Harry!
    I'll just bet that he thinks it's HIS desk, and that he just is gracious enough to let Toonman borrow it. :-)
    Sounds like it was a good weekend, despite not going for a walk.

  8. Your weekend sounds good! BTW I love your banner!

  9. Great cat photo. Of course, he's a great cat to begin with, so naturally the photo would be that.


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