wendy's bench

some of wendy's friends
 carl schurz park
 lift a glass of wine
her memory 
 of course
 sit on her bench

 never having been to carl schurz park
 i had reservations
 the choice 
an east side park bench
 one on the broadway malls 

after all
 she was westside wendy

 i was reminded
 she was born and spent 20 years on east 86 street
 she here brother and sister played in carl schurz park 

 i got there

its a charming park
 a long east river facing promenade

 her bench
 is near the entrance to the promenade 
its looks out on the river the sky and it is a lovely place to sit 

i got to catch up with my friend kate who lives in los angeles
 it was much nicer to see her in person than just via Facebook

some of us went to have a drink
 more stories were told 
some jokes attempted
 emily white
 walter is right 
you can't tell a joke
 but it was fun to laugh at how bad you were

 i even discovered
 anne whitehouse
 one of my blog readers
 it turns out
 she's from birmingham
on her next trip home 
she's going to get in touch with you, virginia jones
 she follows your blog too!

it was a lovely way 
remember a woman
 who is the glue that holds so many friendships together