weekend recappage

its so nice 
to have 3 day weekends

 i know
 it will be hard 
go back
 two day weekends

a little over a month left 
 sleeping in on fridays 
waking on saturday 
thinking its sunday
 there's a whole extra day
 be lazy or do something fun

 it confuses toonman as well
 this saturday
 he told me
 he didnt think
 he needed to do the laundry 
(his sunday chore)
i said ok
 its only saturday

 he admitted my extra day weekend confuses him too 

this was a busy weekend

 friday was a nice day
  i decided to get errands done
 then stay close to home 
the first thing on my agenda 
 replacing the small plants in my window box
 all of which were dead

 in june 
i bought some fancy begonias 
 too fancy 
for the heat we had

 i have some plain old begonias
 3 large plants vs 6 small ones 
makes me happy
 to see the pretty pink flowers

 for dinner
we ordered in from brgr 
the new place on broadway between 79-80th
 its a chain with two other restaurants
 you can order online from their website
they deliver
you can build your own beef, turkey or veggie burger
 order one they design
 it took 15 minutes from order to delivery 
the burgers were good
 as were the fries and onion straws

we pigged out on levain's huge oatmeal raisin cookies
 saving the talenti gelato for saturday nite 

was filled 
from beginning to end
 massage facial hair beautification
  an instagram photo walk
 west 10th at west street 

 to washington square park 

 to union square

to madison square park 
to the shake shack 
for free frozen custard
 after that
 there was talk about going to a rooftop bar 
i decided
 it was time to head home

 we watched
  killing them softly 
a very talky movie 
with only brad pitt
 to make it interesting 
in my opinion 

we are really enjoying directv 

we had the talenti gelato
it was really good
 not sure
 its better than the fiasco gelato
 i bought last weekend
 it was good
 did you know
national ice cream month?
 i think gelato sort of qualifies 

a visit to polished
a walk with toonman
 an old movie
his girl friday 

and you?