the money shot

thats an old photo
one of my very favorites
 taken a few summers back
 outside riverside park

 toonman and i were taking a walk
 i am not sure 
i think
 it might have been
 fourth of july weekend 2012

 we didnt walk much
 toonman's epic medical adventures 

 i love that shot 

what i dont love
is google

google lacks any real help
 if you can't figure it out on your own
you dont find someone
 who had a similar problem 
in the 
not so helpful
 help forums 
you can forget
 your problem

 whats my problem
 you ask 

 i have both my blogs set up 
 if you desire
 you can get 
each new post
 emailed to you

google bought feed burner
  the software 
 email subscriptions 

since google bought it
lets just say
 like everything else
very reliable

 over the last few months 
email delivery
my blogs 
 less than perfect 

sometimes neither gets emailed 
sometimes only one goes out

 i checked all the settings 
i subscribe
 i can see if it gets delivered or not 
i apologize to anyone 
who subscribes 
the lousy service
 google/feed burner 
is providing 



  1. I agree! It is SOOOOOOO frustrating when things just do not work! I decided not to even venture in to subscriptions. Thanks for the answer on the Rockefeller Ctr. Pic. Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

  2. Oh really? Is that what's happening? I get yours by 10pm Pacific time/ 6am UK time pretty regularly, but my other, (all of maybe 9 subscriptions), are all over the place.

    Anyway, Robert and I both love that shot and decided that if we were walking past that "adopt me" dog he's be coming home with us. The R said yes, and we'd name him Thursday and then the next day we'd come back with a Friday and so on and end up wit 40 dogs named after days of the week. (The fact that the week has only 7 days doesn't seem to figure in this) :)

  3. Hope everything will be fixed soon. I get your posts in due time, they cross the pond fairly well.
    This is a cool shot, I love it! Enjoy your loooonnnggg week end,

  4. I love that picture!.. beautiful dog and thoughtful child too.

  5. Yes. Blogger is so frustrating at times. But I'm not interested in attempting a move to WordPress. Plus, no site/service is going to be perfect.

    Awesome shot!

  6. You know companies make mistakes but Google's lack of support and dependence on the forums is very frustrating.

    Love the pic.

  7. Such a cute doggie!

    Sometimes blogs, including my writing blog, take hours to show up in a blogroll. Other blogs don't update at all. Yesterday I realized one of the photoblogs I subscribe to has been posting, but I haven't seen notifications in two weeks.

  8. Oh my goodness, this photo is adorable!!

    Yup, Google help is definitely self-help. Been there, done that more than once. xo.


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