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Jamie the Puppy Seeks Puppyhood!
Meet Jamie, the glorious brindle pup who can't run and play with the other dogs at his New Jersey shelter because he has ringworm. A true sweetheart, Jamie came in with a bad case of ringworm that requires medicine and crate isolation while the condition heals. It is not much fun being a three or four-month-old joyous puppy kept inside a kennel all the time!

Liberty Humane Society in New Jersey just knows there is a foster home or adoptive home who can give Jamie a better puppyhood. Ringworm can spread like wildfire in an animal shelter. But in a home, the treatment is much easier to accomplish. It takes four to six weeks. If you have a no-pet home, or a home where Jamie could have his own space for the time he's getting medicine, please come and meet this sociable little man.

Our Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network partner would love to hear from you, pronto! Call Kim Saunders at (201) 547-4147 x 1004 or email her at Everyone at Liberty adores Jamie and wants to see him bust out of his crate into full-blown happy puppyhood.

Could you give this doll a shot at freedom? Don't hesitate to call Liberty!

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