sunday in the city

sunday afternoon
 my friend missy and a few other instagram people 
a walk down 
 battery park 

we walked
 we talked
 we took photos
 it began to rain

 missy and i 
 leave the park
 in search of 
a cab home

 walked almost 4 miles
 took some fun photos
 it was
the vertigo
 a nice weekend

how was yours?


  1. New design in architecture and playgrounds! Wonderful set up with the little queen of the mountain right in front of the gleaming shaft. The antenna (?) resembles what Buddhist temples have. . . .

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  2. This is a terrifically touching photo Daryl. I love the thought of the children playing together in front of the freedom tower. Like a One World, a global village. You should be super proud of this photo. :D

    Our weekend here in E was lovely. A little car boot sale time, a little relaxing, working on the car, groceries, sort of mundane things of life plus a quiet birthday at home, (today we go to RBG Kew because yesterday it rained). Finally made R watch Avatar, and, even though he grumbled about it, he loved Also saw the movie Rio and we laughed so much. Brilliant little movie.

  3. So sorry to hear about the vertigo, D. Ugh. I was in Philly this weekend. Went to a concert at the Keswick and stayed with friends, then swimming at another friend's pool on Saturday afternoon. My first time swimming this summer . . .

    And now I'd better get in gear for the week ahead. I've got to leave in half an hour! Enjoy your week.

  4. I agree with Veronica!

    4 miles? Geez Louise. My weekend definitely wasn't that energetic but it was fine :)


  5. Sounds and looks like a fine day.

    I just noticed that you had four years of Through My Eyes and are closing down the comments. Just so you know.. I almost always peek... but usually pick just one of your blogs on which to comment. You just made that choice easier. ;)

  6. Sorry to hear you are suffering from Vertigo.. that seems to be very sister takes allegra just to keep it at bay. I guess it works for her!

    Love that image.

  7. I love the angle you shot this at, Daryl. Nice!

    I don't even remember what i did this weekend! Went from one thing to the next, to the next...
    I do know that except for a couple of short downpours, the weather was gorgeous!



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