woke up
saturday morning

 this is the third time
 this has happened

 last time
two weeks
 like you spun around too fast

 its very mild
 i can function normally

 i just can't 
drop my head
 (and who would want to drop their head 
thats right up there with losing your head)
 turn too quickly 

sneaky annoyance 
you forget you have it
 til you move the wrong way

 it didnt stop me
 meeting my friend blondie for brunch
 we went to a new to me place
 columbus at 83

 it was nice
 open airy 
with wood floors and ceiling
 exposed brick walls
all lovely to look at 
aiding and abetting noise volume
 when the place is full 

food was good
 it has 
 all over the place
 we want to make everybody

 i had eggs
 nicely done
 to a perfect 'hard' scramble
 a special on the menu
whole gain banana bread 
french toast
 strawberries blueberries & just enough powdered sugar 

syrup on the side
 stayed on the side

 when i have fresh berries 
i dont need no stinkin' maple syrup

didnt take any photos
 at brunch
 here's a photo 
of some berries and grapes


  1. Yikes! Vertigo is NOT fun. Both my husband and I get it...he ended up in the hospital with his bout. That was REALLY we were in Minnesota at the time and I can't drive the RV...but at least we got another couple of weeks out there. I take Antivert for it and usually it helps...after a WHILE. Sure hope you are feeling better!!

  2. We went out for breakfast last weekend and I indulged in pancakes with boysenberries. Holy cow, I rarely eat pancakes and only ate half of what they gave me. I've been eating lots of blueberries and they are delicious right now. Vertigo, no fun. I get it once in a while.

  3. Heather made pancakes this morning with raspberries and blue berries. I didn't need to stinking syrup either.

    I hope you get over your vertigo soon!

  4. Oh so sorry about the vertigo, I've only experience that for a few seconds at a time, that would be miserable. Love your new header photos... sorry I've been so distant, just trying to find our what 'normal' is for life these days...

  5. Blueberries are always welcome to have.

    I've had vertigo- I thought it strange to hear that, since I rock climb, and associate it with a fear of heights (thanks, Mr. Hitchcock). The doctor said it's an inner ear virus, and left alone it can go on for months. I recommend a doctor's visit. Antibiotics will take care of it, but you'll have to finish the lot.

  6. I sure hope this disappears soon, Daryl.


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