i still
 got anything
 interesting to share
its fridaycation time 
i am hoping 
with this nice non humid weather
 i will get out
 have an adventure
i can blog about

 maybe its a symptom
 summer doldrums 
boring times

for now

 this is best i can do

creeping vine 
 lower westside building!


  1. I think the 'meh' is going around. I've seen alot of it in blogland. Also, humidity not only sucks the life force out of me but it really f's up my hair! have a good weekend.

  2. Nice devourage! I love vines up buildings and, stone or brick buildings can get away with it. That's what I love about E. On the other hand, our measly wooden buildings in Van get carpenter ants in a heartbeat and then you get $500 annual bills to fumigate them out. Ugh. There you go, think about all the little critters who get to live with you in the city inside your vines. :)

  3. That will do nicely. You have 2 blogs and think it is pretty outstanding that you keep them both going as well as you do. Well done!

  4. Beware the vine!

    I'm still a regular at your other blog, but *someone* turned off the comments!

  5. Yeh. I get meh. This shot, though, has me shrieking, "Godzilla!!! Run!" or humming "Beware of the [green] blob…cha cha cha"
    Happy Fridaycation!

  6. Mid summer doldrums....something I can understand. We've had wonderful weather and yesterday summer returned. What to do, what to do....

  7. To borrow a phrase from Roy Scheider, we're gonna need bigger hedge clippers.

  8. My "meh" comes around mid to late August, but I know exactly why. I see the end of summer coming, and that's a big "meh" to me. :-(

    I would love to know how old that vine is. We have one of these climbing up one side of the house, but after having been here for 24 years, it is not even a quarter the size of that one.

    Enjoy Fridaycation today! xo.

  9. This is a great shot! I was hoping to do something fun today, but I think the rain is going to prompt me to work.

  10. "meh" seems to be the name of the game around here for me as well! That vine really is creepy!


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